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The New Way to Manage Projects

RedCritter Tracker is ideal for software projects or other projects that require a "what's next" type of approach. It works for multiple teams or even individuals. RedCritter Tracker is the only project management service with badges, rewards, leaderboards and real-time Twitter-style feeds. Give it a try!

Badges and Rewards

With RedCritter Tracker you'll earn badges and rewards for completing notable tasks. Your badges are displayed prominently on your profile. You can spend your reward points on perks in your company's Rewards Store.
Badges   Rewards
There are fifty unique badges that can be unlocked by your company. Some badges can be held by only 1 person at a time, others can be held by many people.   Complete important project goals to earn Reward Points. Spend your points on special offers in your company's Rewards Store. Rewards can be anything from gift cards to lunches with executives.

A Better Way to Work

RedCritter Tracker was built for Agile Project Management. Its effortless drag-and-drop UI makes project management a breeze.
  • Easy Management. Manage muliple teams, products and sprints with granular task-level story management.
  • Time Tracking and Effort Estimation. Track actual vs. estimated hours down to the task level.
  • Team Messaging. Includes real-time activity feeds complete with messaging and attachments.

If you are an Agile consultant or trainer complete our registration to learn about special benefits for your company.

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If you run or are a member of an Agile User Group complete our registration to learn about special benefits for your group.

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